Poverty Dehumanises us all.

Poverty is a problem for everyone in Leeds.

The Leeds Poverty Truth Commission HuManifesto is an invitation to become part of the solution.

Drawn from the experience of the Commission, the HuManifesto is a sharing of stories, a presentation of issues, and a challenge to respond.

It is a scandal that a wealthy city like Leeds has so many inhabitants who experience poverty. But we can all play a part in reducing its dehumanising effects.

Here is the electronic version of our HuManifesto, (a PDF version of the full document is available here or the shorter 1-page summary is available here). If you would like a printed version, or would like to talk more about ways to respond, please get in touch via the contact details on this website. There is also an audio/visual version of the HuManifesto summary read by some of our Commissioners below…