Making a difference

“Being part of the Poverty Truth Commission has been enlightening, enjoyable and humbling. I have met some wonderful people on this journey who have made me laugh, cry and examine who I am personally. I feel proud to have been part of this journey with everyone involved and to hopefully made a difference and to […]

System stories

Thoughts from Civic and Business Commissioner Mandy, on being part of the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission… When I attended the first Poverty Truth meeting back in October 2019  I wasn’t sure what I was attending.  For me it was a difficult session.  A couple of the community commissioners told their story – talking about […]

Stories of the web of poverty

In 2016 we made a short film with Leeds Poverty Truth Commissioner Geoff. As part of the third Commission we made a follow-up film exploring the complex web of poverty with Geoff, and finishing with a little carpool karaoke…

Celebrating the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission

Today was the closing event of the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission after 18 months of sharing, listening, exploring and experimenting together (and with half of that being done digitally during the pandemic!) With around 100 people joining us online, the event was expertly hosted by Commissioners Brian, Christine and Nicky with contributions from many […]

Pooling our Ingenuity

This blog comes from Civic and Business Commissioner Bill, reflecting on his experiences and insights from the journey of the Commission… My experience of being a Poverty Truth Commissioner has been far from my expectations when I agreed to participate as a Civic Commissioner a couple of years ago. As we approach the closing event […]

Building waves

“My short time with the Truth Poverty Commission has taught me many things. The main one is that when we work together, with a fuller understanding of each other and a common purpose, real, positive change will follow. That change may start with just a few tiny ripples, but in the same way that a […]

A Wider Understanding

“Leeds Poverty Truth Commission has been a place for sharing experiences and networking. It has widened my understanding about poverty and given me the opportunity to meet people whom I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for this platform”. Community Commissioner Kidist

Learning, connection & slowing down

A reflective blog on the personal impacts of the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission from Civic and Business Commissioner Eve… As we approach our closing event this week (January 2021) each commissioner has been asked to offer our personal reflections on the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission. Some have chosen poems or videos, I’ve chosen […]

Finding Heart

In the run up to the closing event of the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission on Friday 15th January 2021, Commissioners have been invited to share reflections on their expereinces of being involved. Reflections have come in many different forms from written blogs to video interviews. This creative word cloud reflection comes from Civic and […]

Reflections on a web

Today is the turn of Civic and Business Commissioner Simeon Perry to offer his reflections on having been a part of the 3rd Leeds Poverty Truth Commission in the form of a short video interview with commission facilitator Vik…