Celebrating the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission

Today was the closing event of the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission after 18 months of sharing, listening, exploring and experimenting together (and with half of that being done digitally during the pandemic!)

With around 100 people joining us online, the event was expertly hosted by Commissioners Brian, Christine and Nicky with contributions from many of the other community, and civic and business commissioners.

With videos, stories, interviews, and testimonies the commissioners shared their perspectives and learnings through the metaphor of transforming the ‘web of poverty’ into the ‘safety net of possibility’. Reflections and responses were shared through the understanding of moving from ‘dehumanising’ approaches to ‘humanising’ ones; from being ‘devalued’ to ‘valued’; and from being ‘disconnected’ to ‘connected’.

The full recording of the closing event is available to view below, and the resources presented are available on other pages of our website here, and here.

A massive thank you to all who participated in the third Commission, took part today, and to all those who joined us online today to listen and learn.

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