Make Your #PovertyPledge

So this is our ‘#povertypledge’ week. On Wednesday Leeds Poverty Truth Commission in a deputation to the full City Council are presenting the Humanifesto.

This evening’s Channel 5 News featured Commissioners in a report about the north-south divide in respect of child poverty. Mark Goldstone has an editorial piece in Wednesday’s Yorkshire Post, and from Tuesday until Friday look out for Commissioners’ stories in the YEP.

Throughout the week we are inviting people and organisations to make public their pledge to make    Leeds a more human city. Our suggested wording for this is “Poverty dehumanises us all. I pledge to make Leeds a more human city by …” Together we can make Leeds a city that is good for all of us.

If you’d like to be involved in this, please let us know your pledge and who it’s on behalf of so that we can post it on social media during the week (our email address is Obviously, we’d also encourage you to make that public too (#povertypledge). You may want to hold a ‘Humanifesto Tea’ with colleagues, friends and family to talk about why you want to make this pledge (and of course encouraging them to make one as well). Please get in touch if you’d like some support in this and want copies of the Humanifesto to distribute.

Thanks so much to all who attended on the day and for considering being involved in the ‘Poverty Pledge Week.’

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