Who are we?

(images and words from the first testifiers gathering)

A football loving East Leeds lad, committed to his team of friends.

A calming elephant with determination to trumpet the voice of the young.

A heart of desires, beating with challenge and joy.

A newcomer of 45 years, deeply concerned with connecting diversity.

A purple troll, with tough skin and a soft heart for others.

A colourful tree, shedding self to bring healing.

Lending hands, proving a Meeting Point for others in need.

Challenging the (bi)cycle of poverty with creativity and engineering.

Helping hands, drawn to the outskirts.

Life intermingled with family where belonging is found.

At the centre of family noticing the insularness of holding it all together.

Discovering creativity, right here, right now.

Finding hope in college, from Africa to Leeds.

Bringing colour out of hibernation and a capital escape.

Lifting the weights of others burdens.

A soon to retire, South to East Leeds lad.

A gaming beach dreamer – amazed at all gathered.

A sporting chance of working out place.

A lifeline of ups and downs, of brick walls with hope of better times.

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