Web of poverty

Web of poverty

Our third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission has developed a metaphor of poverty as a web from which it is difficult to become untangled. Solving one issue doesn’t necessarily mean escaping the web. We have also explored how this might be transformed into a safety net of possibility enabling all to support and value one-another.


Poverty Dehumanises us all.

Poverty is a problem for everyone in Leeds.

The Leeds Poverty Truth Commission HuManifesto is an invitation to become part of the solution.

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Making a difference

“Being part of the Poverty Truth Commission has been enlightening, enjoyable and humbling. I have met some wonderful people on this journey who have made me laugh, cry and examine who I am personally. I feel proud to have been part of this journey with everyone involved and to hopefully made a difference and to […]

System stories

Thoughts from Civic and Business Commissioner Mandy, on being part of the third Leeds Poverty Truth Commission… When I attended the first Poverty Truth meeting back in October 2019  I wasn’t sure what I was attending.  For me it was a difficult session.  A couple of the community commissioners told their story – talking about […]